International students

Get to know the rowing sport and experience the Dutch (student) culture upclose!


Rowing You will be taught the foundations of rowing in a fun and efficient manner.

Membership Get to know the association and Dutch student-culture through your team, your coaches, and the association evenings held every Monday and Thursday.


Asopos de Vliet is one of two student rowing associations in Leiden. Asopos was founded in 1962 and in 1974 merges with the female student rowing association De Vliet, which was founded in 1905. Asopos de Vliet is a rowing association with plenty of members, knowledge and experience and offers a golden combination of the typical Dutch student life and the rowing sport. As an international member you have the opportunity to row at special locations, such as through typical Dutch landscapes, but also through the canals of Amsterdam! Through your membership you will get to know many new Dutch people, but also other international students, as they will become your team members.


22nd of January and 2nd of February - 17:00

We organise two Open Rowing Nights during which you are welcome get in a boat, try rowing, and experience the atmosphere of the association! If you want to stay for dinner, you can do so by sending an email to [email protected]. Do not forget to mention your allergies if you have any and the dinner can be paid for by debit card or cash at that time.


Picture: Susanne Ottenheym / PixCie Asopos




Asopos de Vliet

Postbus 100

2300 AC Leiden



Asopos de Vliet

Zijlstroom 137

2353 NN Leiderdorp

071-5892897 (bestuurskamer)

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